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Assist with Research Serving Survivors of Sexual Assault

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The Better Tomorrow Network launched in 2008 and is the world’s first research network dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who have survived sexual assault. The Network is coordinated through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Institute for Trauma Recovery, and thrives through partnerships with over twenty sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs across the United States.

As our research program grows, we seek to onboard several thoughtful and organized volunteer research assistants to remotely screen survivors for eligibility in Network studies, conduct informed teleconsent with eligible and interested survivors, and conduct follow-up calls reminding enrolled participants of upcoming research surveys. Volunteers will be expected to provide 16 hours per week in on-call coverage; this on-call time will be scheduled at your convenience, and will include a combination of daytime and nighttime hours. Volunteers will receive thorough training prior to interacting with survivors.

Optionally, volunteers may choose to take on 4 hours/week in tasks related to Network coordination, which would allow for more targeted skill development related to the candidate’s long-term academic and professional goals. Examples of projects that current and former volunteers have supported include: Programming portions of REDCap databases, conducting literature reviews, abstracting data from medical records, and designing marketing materials.

If selected for this position, you would:
• Join an established team of friendly and welcoming research assistants.
• Build valuable participant engagement skills, which are transferrable to many clinical and academic fields.
• Be mentored by an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in clinical psychology, public health, clinical research, and emergency medicine.
• Attend regular meetings with mentors and teammates (monthly for teleconsent-only volunteers, weekly for volunteers who opt to complete additional BTN-related tasks).

If this position excites you, please email a cover letter and current resume to with the subject “[Your Name]: Volunteer Application”. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis through end-of-day Tuesday, September 12th.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Samuel McLean, MD, MPH
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Kristen Witkemper, MPH
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