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Volunteer Undergraduate Research Assistant


Seeking highly motivated students to start Summer Session II, with the possibility to continue during Fall 2024. Dr. Sheeran’s laboratory is exploring the comparative prevalence of observational and experimental studies in health psychology journals. Explicitly, we seek to answer the … Read more

Research Assistant


The Frohlich lab is seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to join our team as Research Assistants (RAs). Our lab is dedicated to understanding the neural basis of behaviour and developing novel treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders through the interdisciplinary … Read more

Research assistant


The cognitive arm of the Frohlich lab, led by Dr. Agnieszka Zuberer, is actively seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to join our cognitive research team as Research Assistants (RAs). Our lab specializes in the study of emotion through the use … Read more

Neurology Research Assistant (School of Medicine)


About our Clinical Research Lab: UNC’s rs-fMRI Clinical Service and Neuroscience Research Lab is a multidisciplinary group here at UNC’s School of Medicine in the Department of Neurology, led by Dr. Varina Boerwinkle; Director and Division Chief of Pediatric Neurology. We … Read more

Engage in Research Serving Survivors of Sexual Assault


The Better Tomorrow Network is the world’s first research network dedicated to serving survivors of sexual assault. We’re rapidly expanding our research portfolio, and we are delighted to grow our team of Undergraduate Research Interns as well. Research assistants will … Read more

Graphic Designer


Position Description: The Hantman Lab is seeking an undergraduate graphic designer to create and/or refine visualizations for presentations and written communications. This Graphic Design position will involve designing static 3D graphics, graphic templates (in illustrator), which may be easily manipulated … Read more

Research Assistant in Molecular Neuroscience


Projects are available to investigate the function of genes that regulate excitatory and inhibitory synapses in cortical circuits relevant to autism. One project focuses on defining novel molecular mechanisms of the high confidence autism spectrum gene Ankyrin2 (Ank2) using mouse … Read more

Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities at (MURGE Lab) on Large Language Model Reasoning/Uncertainty/Multi-agent Interactions/Multimodality


Advisor: Prof. Mohit Bansal ( Mentor: Elias Stengel-Eskin ( Group: Murge Lab UNC-CH ( Duration (Flexible): Apr 15th – Sep 15th, 2024 (5 months), at least 20 hours per week commitment. Role: Research Assistant (with RAship stipend) Contact: Elias Stengel-Eskin ( with some basic information about yourself, your transcripts, … Read more