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Research Assistant for Anthropology Dissertation Project

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I am a cultural/medical anthropologist. I study mental health systems and everyday care in areas of distress, socio-political conflict, and violence. I have conducted dissertation fieldwork, researching substance use recovery programs in Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

A research assistant is needed to assist with the data analysis components of my dissertation project. The RA will be responsible for (1) transcribing some interviews from Hindi to English language and (2) serve as the second reader to read transcripts and field notes for data analysis.
The RA will gain training and experience on methods of research, data analysis, and use of NVivo software. It will also be a good opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom setting.

The position would be ideal for someone with a command over Hindi language and familiarity with South Asia, specifically India. If you are interested or have questions regarding the project and expectations of RA position, please contact me at

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Jocelyn Lim Chua
Research Supervisor
Sugandh Gupta
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