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How/Why Research? Gaining an understanding of fundamental molecular processes was always something that interested me. When I came to Carolina, I streamlined my interests, focusing on molecular biochemistry. I reached out to Dr. Erie, whose work in understanding DNA repair perfectly aligned with my interests, and I’ve been with her group since January 2022.
Research Experience: My research in the Erie Lab revolves around using analytical techniques to examine protein conformations and binding. Using techniques such as SDS Page gel electrophoresis, atomic force microscopy, we’re able to characterize the EXO1 protein and its binding patterns with DNA substrates. MATLAB is also used to analyze trends in conformations. My experiences thus far have been invaluable, teaching me critical thinking, experimental design, and problem-solving.
Student Organizations/Clubs: Healthy Hands Initiative, Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity, Chemistry Peer Mentor Program
Also Happy to Chat about: Emailing Professors, Pre-Health Career Path, Talking with Professors, Networking, Fitting Research into a Busy Schedule
Random Fun Fact: I’m a big Miami Heat fan!