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How/Why Research? My research journey, driven by a passion for challenging unjust systems, began with my early exposure to technology and its potential for social good. My first involvement in research started the summer after my junior year of high school, during an internship program at George Mason University. We used machine learning tools to understand the factors that contribute to a community event’s success. This experience ignited my interest in computational social sciences, leading me to seize every opportunity to participate in such research.
Research Experience: One research project I’m currently working on involves understanding the political polarization on Facebook during the 2019 Bolivian political crisis using natural language processing. This research, once published, will contribute to the lack of literature about the 2019 Bolivian political crisis and how social media played a prominent role in the dynamic of public opinion.
Student Organizations/Clubs: Computer Science + Social Good Club, TechX
Also Happy to Chat about: Emailing Professors, Talking with Professors, First Generation Student Experience, Networking, Workstudy Opportunities, Fitting Research into a Busy Schedule, Minority Student Experience, Technology in Social Sciences
Random Fun Fact: I can type at 130 words per minute.