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How/Why Research? I have always been passionate about research since the beginning of my Carolina journey. I was part of the UNC Young Innovators Program as a high schooler, and since then, I wanted to contribute to a larger cause of pushing the boundaries of human knowledge to its fullest potential. I got involved in my HIV research by emailing professors and networking with student research ambassadors!
Research Experience: As a research assistant in Dr. Jiang’s lab, I have had the chance to work on several projects meant to enhance the lives of HIV-positive individuals. I was particularly drawn to the HIV-focused lab because of the stigmatization of HIV, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. Thus, my interest in HIV led me to not only dispel many of my own internalized stigmas about HIV but also gain practical skills in the research industry. Working hard to acquire new skills, I advanced my knowledge and laboratory techniques to the brink of their limits, as I wrote my own research proposal for a $5,000 research grant, independently managed my own summer project, co-authored a paper accepted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation, and presented at the 24th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research. Research has been incredibly rewarding both academically and professionally, and I hope to share my passion for research with others at Carolina.
Student Organizations/Clubs: Biostatistics Student Association, UNC Climbing Club, UBP Affinity Group for First-Generation Students
Also Happy to Chat about: Emailing Professors, Pre-Health Career Path, Talking with Professors, First Generation Student Experience, Networking, Fitting Research into a Busy Schedule
Random Fun Fact: I love rocking climbing, but I’m scared of heights.