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How/Why Research? I attended a Nutrition open house during my freshman year and learned about research work that students in the program accomplished. I was extremely fascinated by one student who worked with Dr.Carroll and the gut microbiome. After reading a few of Dr.Carroll’s papers, I was most interested in learning more about the gut microbiota and its relation to the treatment and prognosis of anorexia nervosa. I emailed him and he was able to connect me to a grad student in his lab who is working on a project that aligns perfectly with my research interests!

Research Experience: In the year that I have worked in Carroll Lab, I have done some wet-lab work with sorting out DNA samples and PCR prep and data sorting in excel. Learning about a topic that many people don’t know much about and its significant impact on overall health has helped grow my love for my research and nutrition. In fact, joining Carroll Lab is one of the main reasons that I decided to major in Nutrition and helped open my eyes to the public health sphere. Mainstream media has only recently focused on the gut health and how certain bacteria can be beneficial to our bodies. Research opportunities related to the gut microbiota are endless and there are still many relationships between the billions of bacteria in our gut to be discovered.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC AMWHO, AKD+DRD

Random Fun Fact: I like to paint with Bob Ross during my free time!