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How/Why Research? I always enjoyed doing math; however, I never knew how applicable mathematics was until I started doing research. In my field, research as an undergraduate seems to be a daunting feat that very few are able to do. To do groundbreaking mathematics research as an undergraduate is almost unheard of. I wanted to break into researching mathematics as both something I’m passionate about, as well as something that would be useful to the world. By emailing various professors I had known, I was invited to sit into Zoom meetings to gain an understanding of the group. Then, I was able to join my current research group. Being assigned a graduate student to serve as my mentor, I was given small projects to work on about the Fast Haar Transform.

Research Experience: My research experience is focused on Fast Algorithms, specifically the Fast Haar Transform. The Fast Haar Transform is a method to speed up analysis of the Haar function exponentially, which is done through the use of a hierarchical organization. Having to create code for this transform, I did speed comparisons between the classic method and the new hierarchical method to prove efficiency. Following a few presentations on my research, I have begun working on other projects, such as methods of optimization. Not only has my research provided me with exposure to the research process, but I am also hoping that the new method can be used in real world situations.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Association of Women in Mathematics, Math Gems, Math Help Center

Also Happy to Chat about: Balancing mental health with a heavy academic workload and research.

Random Fun Fact: A streak of my hair has been almost every color of the rainbow!