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How/Why Research? I was introduced to the idea of research through some of my older friends who were engaged in projects during my junior year of high school. The idea of being able to delve into the “whys” and “hows” of science through research was very fascinating to me, and I was eager to be involved myself. During my freshman year of college, OUR workshops about getting involved in research and the guidance of a friend gave me the motivation and resources to be able to start reaching out. Hearing of my research interests, she recommended I reach out to the Schisler Lab, where she had been working for the past couple of years. I emailed the lab manager expressing my interest, received an interview, and have been happily working there since!
Research Experience: While working at the Schisler Lab, I have done wet lab work, including processing mice tail samples, PCR, and microscope imaging, and have learned to perform injections, behavioral studies, perfusions, and dissections on mice. Recently, I have been learning about DTI and fMRI scans to study the effects of the administered treatments on mice. I have always had an interest in disease pathology and related treatments, and my work in the Schisler Lab has allowed me to truly explore this interest. Research on gene-linked diseases is a growing field, and learning about the molecular functions in the body that can manifest into the physical symptoms we observe in diseases is really interesting. Moreover, research within this field can help with the development of treatments and cures for various diseases, such as SCAR16, providing a positive change in the lives of many.
Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC AMWHO, HOSA
Also Happy to Chat about: Emailing Professors, Pre-Health Career Path, Talking with Professors, Networking, Fitting Research into a Busy Schedule
Random Fun Fact: I enjoy trying and experimenting with new foods and flavors!