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How/Why Research? I was driven to research through my curiosity of why people behavior and how our minds work. I got into research through searching through different research labs online that had aligned with my different interests. I applied to a couple different research positions and the PEP Lab position was the best fit with my interests.

Research Experience: In Summer 2021, I joined the PEP Lab and spent the majority of my time getting to look into how research can have an intersection with different social topics like COVID-19. In Spring 2022, I completed an independent research project with the PEP Lab on whether nutrition could predict interoceptive awareness in the hope to draw connections to bigger social issues like food apartheids. I joined the QUEST project (within the school of social work at UNC) in the beginning of Spring 2022, and I joined the Herman Lab in the beggining of Summer 2022.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC JOURney, UNC Hospitals, Club Ultimate Frisbee (Electra)

Also Happy to Chat about: Finding Research Opportunities

Random Fun Fact: I was adopted.