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How/Why Research? I have always been fascinated with the idea of research in order to answer pressing questions about human life. I became interested in biostatistics because of its diverse applications to public health. My involvement in research was achieved through emailing multiple professors in the field of epidemiology who had research focuses that I also found interesting. I asked to meet to talk further about their research and then followed up with the labs that I was most fascinated by and hoped to work in.

Research Experience: My research involves the analysis of an in-depth multigenerational dataset including information about participants’ demographics, health, neighborhood characteristics, socioeconomic status, and more. We aim to find patterns and connections between social and environmental aspects on someone’s health over their entire life course. I utilize programming languages such as R and SAS to find patterns and work to communicate these results to the general public. This research can help the improvement of neighborhood characteristics to benefit the birth outcomes of the population.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Alpha Phi Omega – Coed Service Fraternity, ScienceDays Mentoring Program, FEMMES Day Camp

Also Happy to Chat about: Navigating professor and researcher relations as a minority

Random Fun Fact: I am a twin!