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How/Why Research? After loving the research I did in high school, I started cold-emailing PIs of labs that I was interested in as soon as I got to UNC. Being heavily involved in EMS before starting undergrad, I knew that I wanted to deepen my understanding on how pathological processes manifested at the cellular level to understand the broader effects of what was happening to my patients. Using the BBSP database, I found labs interested in hematology and I was able to quickly accept a position in my current lab.
Research Experience: In my lab I study the intrinsic pathway of coagulation, specifically on the various effects of C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency (C1INH) on various parts of the cascade. I am currently working on an independent research project to investigate the role of FXI(a) in thrombin generation during hemostasis. I developed an assay that accurately measures FXIa-C1INH complex levels in plasma samples and determined the ideal environment to measure FXIa activity so I can now test activity in various conditions. Through this experience, I have been able to transition from simply carrying out experiments in the lab to asking questions that I can design and execute experiments to answer. This has really helped me in my goal of understanding some more complex pathophysiologies while developing familiarity with more research methods.
Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC Campus EMS, HeartSafe, Phi Delta Epsilon
Also Happy to Chat about:  Emailing Professors, Pre-Health Career Path, Talking with Professors, Networking, Fitting Research into a Busy Schedule
Random Fun Fact: I managed an ice cream store before starting undergrad and am obsessed with all things ice cream!