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How/Why Research? I chose to take advantage of the research opportunities offered at UNC because I wanted to gain more from my education outside of my classes; research provided an avenue to explore in greater detail the topics I’ve grown curious about. Finding the right lab at UNC can be challenging, especially given the breadth of research conducted across departments of the humanities and social sciences to the natural, physical, and life sciences. However, identifying my interest in chemistry and pharmaceuticals led naturally to my application to several labs within the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, simplifying the process. Contacting professors and other investigators via email to express interest in their work is important, so I’d recommend doing so!
Research Experience: My research experience involves hands-on, analytical, and methodological applications of the chemical sciences, which I’ve found to be the right fit given my interest in related coursework. Additionally, my work environment, enhanced by intelligent, creative, and unique researchers, has greatly influenced my view of the research behind the pharmaceutical industry and contributes to my curiosity for the pharmaceutical sciences.
Student Organizations/Clubs: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Also Happy to Chat about: I’m open to talk about non-major research initiatives, such as those involving different disciplines and schools across campus.
Random Fun Fact: I have an identical twin who goes to Duke!