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How/Why Research? I got involved in research after discovering a passion for uncovering hidden information within data after working on a research project for a class. After reading research conducted by UNC professors in the Political Science department, I became really interested in expanding the field of knowledge within political science and pursuing publication.

Research Experience: My research most recently has focused on education policy at EPIC. We have primarily been working on linking data from teacher candidate’s completing EPP’s at Texas institutions to Texas administrative data to provide analysis on employment outcomes back to the institutions. The benefits of this analysis are improving the quality of these EPPs based on quantitative data to ensure future candidates have even more successful employment outcomes. Some of my published research, co-authored with a political science professor, focused on asking if the imposition of economic sanctions leads to an increase in the lethality of transnational terrorism; we conclude it does. Overall, the benefits of these research experiences have been in developing strong data analysis and academic writing skills.

Student Organizations/Clubs:The Internationalist Undergraduate Journal of Foreign Affairs, Chapel Thrill Escapes

Also Happy to Chat about: The research-to-publication process.

Random Fun Fact: I am really passionate about the law and plan on going to law school.