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Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs with Walking Droplets


The Physical Mathematics Lab (PML) (Intro Video) offers a wide range of interdisciplinary problems that find motivation in very diverse fields, including soft matter, fluid mechanics, biophysics and quantum mechanics. One of PML’s themes is the study of new Hydrodynamic … Read more

Research Assistant


The Frohlich lab is seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to join our team as Research Assistants (RAs). Our lab is dedicated to understanding the neural basis of behaviour and developing novel treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders through the interdisciplinary … Read more

Research assistant


The cognitive arm of the Frohlich lab, led by Dr. Agnieszka Zuberer, is actively seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to join our cognitive research team as Research Assistants (RAs). Our lab specializes in the study of emotion through the use … Read more

Neurology Research Assistant (School of Medicine)


About our Clinical Research Lab: UNC’s rs-fMRI Clinical Service and Neuroscience Research Lab is a multidisciplinary group here at UNC’s School of Medicine in the Department of Neurology, led by Dr. Varina Boerwinkle; Director and Division Chief of Pediatric Neurology. We … Read more

Research Assistant for Disordered Eating and Obesity Research Lab


The Living F.R.E.E. Lab is a research group focused on developing, implementing, and evaluating equitable interventions for people of color managing disordered eating and chronic disease. We conduct mixed-methods research (e.g., quantitative and qualitative) to elucidate the mechanisms influencing the … Read more

Undergraduate Research Assistant (RA)


Opening available for an Undergraduate Research Assistant to assist in the daily research activities in the Biobehavioral Research on Addiction and Emotion (BRANE) Laboratory in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience under the direction of Dr. Stacey Daughters. In the … Read more

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Dr. Can Chen, a faculty member of the School of Data Science and Society, is seeking undergraduate research assistants to join his research team in the field of data science. The research focuses on developing and applying artificial intelligence and … Read more