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Research assistant: Optics, nanoscience, or programming


The Yan Lab in the Department of Applied Physical Sciences is looking for undergraduate research assistants starting this spring. Our lab develops new techniques and instruments to trap and manipulate microscopic objects using light (i.e., optical tweezers), and to study … Read more

Technical Research Assistant for DEPENd Lab


The DEPENd Lab is seeking undergraduate research assistants with strong programming backgrounds. Those with substantial training and experience in computer science, data science, or related fields are encouraged to apply. Our lab studies neurocomputational mechanisms of learning, decision-making, and emotion … Read more

Research Assistant – Machine learning in computational neuroscience


We are interested in discovering biomarkers across neuro-diseases, exploring how variations in the genome change the structure and development of the brain, and establishing neuro-biolgical basis to visualize the pathophysiological mechanisms of neuro-diseases using data-driven approach. The NIRAL Lab is … Read more

Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs with Walking Droplets


The Physical Mathematics Lab (PML) offers a wide range of interdisciplinary problems that find motivation in very diverse fields, including soft matter, fluid mechanics, biophysics and quantum mechanics. One of PML???s themes is the study of new Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs … Read more

Medical Image Analysis Research


The Biomedical Image Analysis Group (BIAG) within the department of computer science offers various research opportunities for undergraduate students. We focus on designing algorithms to extract quantitative measures from biomedical data, in particular, from images (e.g., from computed tomography, magnetic … Read more

Medical imaging device design and Holographic visualization


We offer opportunities to be involved in device development for medical imaging and other medical applications. We are looking for students with expertise in programming and hardware design. Additional skills with 3-D modeling and game design would be applicable for … Read more

Software Toolsmith


Many of us in the Dept. of Computer Science identify as “toolsmiths”, as described in department founder Dr. Fred Brooks’ 1994 essay, The Computer Scientist as Toolsmith II. As such, we build software tools to help people do their jobs … Read more

Undergraduate Research in OSCAR Lab


The OS, Security, Concurrency, and Architecture Research (OSCAR) Lab in the Department of Computer Science investigates novel computer systems designs. Projects generally involve building serious computer system prototypes, and then measuring improvements in performance, security, or usability. Current projects include: … Read more