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Atkin Lab Research Assistant

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Light interacting with a material can provide a wide range of information about its electronic and chemical structure. In the Atkin group, we develop and use optical techniques to understand how nanoscale structure affects the performance of molecular and inorganic semiconductors, solar cells, and biological systems. We perform experiments and use simulation tools to improve the light-matter interaction and increase spatial resolution, enhance sensitivity, and explore new types of materials. Several research opportunities are available, including some that can be performed remotely. Students will learn about how to design and build optical experiments to learn about materials systems, and how to model the interaction of light and matter. Computational tools include density functional theory (e.g. Gaussian, Materials Studio), numerical simulations (COMSOL), and machine learning (generally with python.) No experience programming is necessary, just a willingness to learn! Please include a CV and an application letter explaining your interests.

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Joanna Atkin
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Joanna Atkin
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