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Behavioral Training and Data Analysis in Systems Neuroscience Lab

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The Hantman lab uses a combination of experimental and computational techniques to understand the neural dynamics driving skilled movement behaviors. Our lab wants to answer the questions: How does the brain generate skilled movement behaviors? What is the neural circuitry of skilled movement? To answer these questions we use in-vivo electrophysiology and optogenetics in behaving mice models.

We are currently recruiting students for Summer 2023 to…
1) Train animals in a skilled reach-to-grab task
2) Preprocess/label data
3) Conduct data analysis in MATLAB

No previous experience is necessary, we will train you in all necessary skills/techniques.

If interested, please fill out our google form:

For more information, checkout the Hantman Lab Website:

Faculty Advisor
Adam Hantman
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Reagan Bullins
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