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Research and Technology Design for Education: Automated Feedback, Teacher Dashboards, and Improving Education for Underserved Students

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Collaborating with science teachers at low-income schools, we develop innovative technologies to improve science learning for students underrepresented in science, including linguistically diverse students and ethnic minorities. We focus on designing real-time, automated feedback for students and dashboards for science teachers to monitor student progress. Science teachers will use our tools for their remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on your interests and skill sets, you will work with one or more teams: (1) Technology Development Team (programming automated feedback and dashboards using javascript, html, css, and machine learning approaches), (2) Graphic and Web Design Team (designing graphic and web materials using html, css, photoshop, or illustrator), (3) Quantitative Research Team (analyzing log data, pre/post, and survey data using statistical models and machine learning), (4) Qualitative Research Team (analyzing video and interview data), and (5) Teacher Support Team (designing professional development materials for teachers). If you are interested in designing technologies for education, researching how these tools support students and teachers, and making a positive impact on K-12 public education, please apply! [NOTE: Our lab will be completely online (no in-person acticities) during Fall 20 during COVID-19.]

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Dr. Kelly Ryoo
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Dr. Kelly Ryoo
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