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Research Opportunity in Computational Biology (CS department)

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We are seeking an undergraduate researcher to join us in the CompCyLab []. Our research focuses on single-cell bioinformatics and computational biology. We develop new algorithms to extract signal from modern single-cell assays, such as flow and mass cytometry. Our general objective is to be able to predict something about a patient’s health status, given their cellular profile. To address these problems, we use rely on numerical linear algebra, graph signal processing, and machine learning. Much of our work focuses on developing good graph-based representations for single-cell data. Therefore, we seek undergraduate researchers to work at the intersection of linear algebra/network science/and computational biology!

About you: We value and encourage diversity in training backgrounds. To get started it is helpful to have strong coding skills in at least 1 programming language (Python, R, or Julia), and an undergraduate linear algebra course. We expect to help a student to make weekly progress on a project. The student will also participate in lab learning experiences, such as lab meetings and will contribute to papers. We appreciate students who are excited and curious about biology, even if they do not have formal training in biology.

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Natalie Stanley
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Natalie Stanley
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