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Undergraduate Research Assistant – Psych/Neuroscience

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Our research group investigates neural development in infants with and without risk for intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).
We are looking for a research assistant to join our team and help to collect infant electrophysiological (EEG) data for several longitudinal studies. Our research assistants receive training in working with infants, collecting EEG, tracking infant studies, data acquisition, and data entry, as well as in clinical research practices. Research assistants have the opportunity to work within a rigorous research environment and gain valuable experience and skills in EEG systems and in research with infants and children. Many of our research assistants progress to have publication or presentation opportunities, aligned with to their contributions.
An ideal candidate would have prior experience with infants, an interest in early childhood development and developmental disabilities, and a drive to learn. We request approximately eight hours a week in commitment.
If you are interested, please email a letter and/or CV to Dr. Alana Campbell ( and Amanda Neal ( to get more information.

Faculty Advisor
Alana Campbell
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Amanda Neal
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