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Molecular Biology Laboratory Assistant


The Animal Models Core facility is seeking a student to work part-time in our molecular biology laboratory in support of our efforts to generate genetically engineered rodent and cell line models for researchers. The student will perform PCR genotyping, assist … Read more

Undergraduate Researcher


In the O’Brien Lab, our interests are broadly focused on the kidney and lie in understanding the regulation of kidney development, how the mature cell types are maintained, and how these programs are altered during disease. One of our areas … Read more

Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs with Walking Droplets


The Physical Mathematics Lab (PML) (Intro Video) offers a wide range of interdisciplinary problems that find motivation in very diverse fields, including soft matter, fluid mechanics, biophysics and quantum mechanics. One of PML’s themes is the study of new Hydrodynamic … Read more

PCB (Electronic circuit) design opportunity


The Pegard LAB (Applied Physical Sciences) is recruiting an undergraduate student to build an initial prototype for a portable biometric monitor. The student’s primary responsibility will be adapting our circuit design into a compact PCB board. Thus, candidates with a … Read more

Stein Lab Neuroscience Research Assistant


We are seeking a highly motivated undergraduate interested in understanding neurodevelopmental conditions, like autism spectrum disorder. We take light sheet fluorescence microscopy images of mouse brains that recapitulate the clinical macrocephaly phenotype found in patients with the Chd8 heterozygous mutation. … Read more

Research Assistant


The ReGaiN (Rehabilitation of Gait and Neurorehabilitation) is looking for a few research assistants to assist with biomechanics data processing (Vicon motion capture, C-Motion Visual3D, NI Labview, MATLAB& Simulink) and the potential to assist with live data collections. We are … Read more

EEG research opportunity


Motivated undergraduate students are invited to join our Lab, the Neurocognition and Imaging Research Laboratory (NIRL) to conduct electrophysiological data acquisition for research projects. Our research examines the neurobiological underpinnings of adolescent-onset neuropsychiatric disorders using electrophysiological recordings. The student will … Read more

Undergraduate Researcher


Our team is seeking motivated and driven undergraduate researchers with an interest in public health and water quality. Antibiotic resistant bacteria can proliferate in surface water environments such as lakes, rivers, and estuaries, and poses one of the biggest public … Read more